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Tip for Improving the Efficiency of Your Wheaton Air Conditioning

Wheaton Air ConditioningEven if you recently installed a new Wheaton air conditioning system you could be using it in a less than efficient manner. That means you are not being as eco-friendly as you probably would like to be. Not to mention this means extra steep costs when it comes to your monthly expenses for utility bills.

Of course if you are still using an old and outdated cooling system then this is the perfect time to consider making the change. Transitioning to a newer and more environmentally sound unit will be worth it in the long run. The money you save on utility bills alone will make up for the upfront investment. That is as long as you use the AC unit correctly and effectively.


What You Need to Know

According to the U.S. Department of Energy over 40% of your monthly energy bills are eaten up by your Wheaton heating and air conditioning system. It only makes sense as a homeowner to want to lower this percentage and therefore lower your monthly bills. Here are some tips to help prevent your air conditioner from costing you a fortune:

  • Use your shades and curtains to reduce direct sunlight. While you want that natural light and heating source in the winter you want the opposite during the hottest months of the year.
  • If you want to save from 5-15% of the cost you are currently spending for cooling your house than go ahead and keep yours set at 78* when you are at home and awake. When you are asleep or away from the home you do not need it set this low.
  • Remember that even simple box fans can help to circulate air and keep things cooler. But make sure to up the setting on the thermostat. If you still keep it at 78* and have fans running you are actually going to increase you bill.
  • Make your basement the place to be. Since your basement will naturally be cooler than other areas of your home hanging out here will prevent the need for lowering the thermostat.

While there are plenty of other ways you can smartly use your Wheaton air conditioning these are a few to get you started.


Calling the Pros

Of course you should also have your system inspected annually, at the very least. This will help spot any potential problems and, once repaired, will make your AC run more efficiently. But remember to always go with the pros at Air Choice Heating and Cooling to make sure the job is done correctly.

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